We want to be the best people in the world at maintaining heavy earthmoving equipment.

Not just rebuilding or repairing equipment, but maintaining each and every machine better than anyone else on the planet.

This means:

  • Truly knowing our customers, their unique requirements and what they want from us
  • Deeply understanding every piece of equipment and how to get the most from it
  • Leading our industry instead of following what everyone else does
  • Finding new ways to use technology to maximise the productivity of machines
  • Extending the life of every single machine without compromising performance

Ready for a change?

We’re always looking for true craftspeople

  • Choice of workshop or site work
  • Permanent positions
  • Be obsessive about quality
  • Work with the best in the business

To see our current opportunities visit the Force careers page.

What we stand for

We have five shared beliefs that guide the way we think and act at Force.

These beliefs underpin every decision we make and help keep us pointed towards our ambition of being the best in the world at maintaining heavy earthmoving equipment.

Refuse to be average

We’re obsessive about the standard of our work and take great pride in being the very best at what we do.

Think smarter

We outsmart the competition by challenging conventional thinking and constantly looking for better, more efficient and more effective ways of operating.

Know more

We understand large earthmoving equipment, how to get the most out of it and how to maximise its impact on our clients’ businesses, better than anyone else in the world.

Give a damn

We go above and beyond to build enduring customer relationships, embracing the uniqueness of every project and delivering the best possible solution every time.

100% perseverance / 0 excuses

Never ever give up. There will be setbacks and obstacles in your way. But what ever you do don’t give up. Give it everything you can and, if the situation demands it, give it a little bit more.