Keep mining while your equipment is being rebuilt

As we’re part of Emeco, we can provide you with replacement rental equipment while your machine is being rebuilt or repaired.

Having equipment unavailable for a prolonged period during rebuilds or extended maintenance doesn’t mean you have to compromise production. With Force, you get access to Emeco’s 1,000 strong rental fleet which means you can keep delivering for your customers while we rebuild and maintain your equipment.

Emeco are world leaders in maximising the performance of heavy earthmoving equipment, providing maintained complete fleets, ancillary fleet and customer-maintained fleet for mining companies and contractors across coal, gold, copper, bauxite and iron ore.

Emeco’s rental services

Fully-maintained fleet

Fully-maintained fleet, from top up equipment through to your full mine fleet requirements. Allows you to focus on mining to your own plan, backed by our significant asset management, maintenance and repair capability, complete with demountable workshop infrastructure. Add EOS and you’ll also have the technology, data and benchmarking to drive significantly higher mine productivity in real-time.

Maintained supplementary fleet

Ancillary equipment including dozers, loaders and graders to supplement your existing earthmoving fleet, either due to unexpected changes in mining conditions or planned expansion of mining activities.

Customer-maintained fleet

We provide the fleet, you maintain it. Provides all the benefits of our other rental solutions with the ability to utilise your existing maintenance capability to maintain the performance of the equipment. Should you need it, remote support is always available.

Partners in your performance

Emeco’s fleet optimisation experts will help you use EOS to maximise equipment utilisation, improve payload management and lift excavator and load
and haul productivity.

Continuous improvement

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Get accurate and up to the minute information to your operators in real-time so you can optimise material movement to the conditions. Set and manage KPIs and build on each day’s success.

Real intelligence

Big data is transforming mining globally, providing better intelligence to make accurate decisions and predictions on operational performance. We’re combining equipment rental solutions with big data to drive mine performance to the next level.

Benefits of Emeco rental

Production optimised maintenance

With asset management technology, workshops and field maintenance teams Australia-wide, and Force rebuild facilities, only Emeco can help you get
the most out of every machine.
We can even maintain, repair and rebuild your equipment for you.

Operational flexibility

You retain total operational control over the equipment so you can mine using your people, working to your safety and operational standards and
your production schedules.

Scale up or down

Whether you need equipment short-term or for the life of your project, we can deliver all the equipment you need, from a few machines to a full fleet. When you rent from us you can also change fleet size and mix as your needs change from ramp up, to full production, and ramp down.

Extensive fleet

We have around 1,000 rental machines in our fleet from brands such as Caterpillar, Hitachi, Liebherr and Komatsu. Our fleet mix is strategically configured to meet every application and the lifecycle needs of your mine.

Preserve capital

Don’t allocate precious capital to mobile equipment, or expose yourself to equipment residual value risk. Renting gives you the flexibility to use your capital to grow your business.

Emeco’s rental fleet


35 – 240 tonne


10 – 600 tonne


15 – 150 tonne


100 – 1500 kW


100 – 400 kW