A Safe Working Environment For All

At Force Equipment, safety is paramount at all levels and on all sites and we are dedicated to our culture of ‘safe action, safe result’.

Safety is a skill and ongoing training is the foundation for our employees to complete their jobs safely. We instil a culture that is beyond compliance with reporting procedures that combine the monitoring of process, performance and outcome.

Our staff share a sense of ownership of safety at Force Equipment. There is an underlying respect of the importance of a safe working environment for themselves and their peers, with injury prevention becoming a shared responsibility.

We are constantly improving our safety standards and adapting our procedures in order to meet and exceed changes in the mining industry and Force20080104_0104legislative standards. Our staff are trained to use skill and care in every task, no matter how big or small. Our safety management plan sets the foundation for achieving an incident free workplace at all times.

Safety initiatives in place at Force Equipment:

  • Force Equipment Safety Planner to initiate and maintain combined action against workplace incidence – achieving not only safety compliance but also national HST consistency
  • Two way feedback is actively welcomed to provide injury prevention through input from our teams
  • Measurement of Process Performance Indicators to ensure daily safety outcomes in accordance with the Safety Management Plan
  • Regular reporting and benchmarking of our safety performance against industry standard
  • Measurable HST objectives
  • Safe Work Instructions aligned to national industry training packages including RII09 (Resource and Instructions Industry Training Package)
  • Continuous improvement programs to meet changes in industry and legislative standards.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems aligned to AS4801:2001

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