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New-Build Attachment Fabrication

Build your new component and attachment faster and cheaper.

New-Build Attachment Fabrication

An economical alternative to buying new attachments and components off the shelf.

Before you decide to replace that bucket, stick or attachment, speak to us about your options.

We have solutions for damaged parts and equipment, we can design, draft, engineer and certify components then manufacture new parts.

We are leaders in the maintenance and repair of earthmoving equipment and can offer the best advice on rebuilding or replacing your attachments.

We help maintain over 1,000 pieces of earthmoving equipment for customers around Australia, with in-house engineering specialists on hand ready to answer your questions.

Our team can also can help with damaged parts and equipment. We can design, draft, engineer, and certify components then manufacture new parts.

If your attachment is beyond repair, we can fabricate a new custom-built attachment or component in less time and at a lower cost than buying new from an OEM.

Our specialised workshops are located around Australia.

Benefits of Force rebuilds

Remove onsite risk

Lower rebuild costs

Minimise downtime

Improve availability

Customer first

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