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Engine Dyno

Rebuild your engine, calibrate and optimise in record time.

Our engine dyno facility allows us to quickly and easily get your equipment back on site.

Engine Dyno

We can rebuild your engines, have them returned to optimal performance, and back to you ready to go within a shorter timeframe, thanks to our state-of-the-art engine testing facility.

Our facility allows us to rebuild, test and calibrate engines all in one place reducing the time and complexity of dealing with multiple providers.

Our specialist engine testing facility is also available should you want to customise your own dyno program or undertake your own testing and engine repairs.

Our engine technicians can also assist with the testing of engine prototypes as part of your research and development program.

Engine Dyno services
  • Engine Diagnostics and Testing

  • Engine Calibration to Optimise Fuel Burn and Maintenance

  • Engine Prototype Testing

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