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Maintenance and rebuilds of heavy earthmoving equipment

Get the most out of your earthmoving equipment with our complete maintenance service, from repair to complete rebuilds, and never compromise production time again.


Leaders in managing heavy earthmoving equipment maintenance without affecting productivity

We can manage the maintenance of your heavy earthmoving fleet to ensure your production is not affected by maintenance downtime. We offer the complete package from regular maintenance schedules optimising the reliability of your equipment, repairs and rebuilds, including equipment rentals to cover workshop time.


What we do

Repairs and Maintenance for optimum productivity

We are a world leader in the maintenance of your heavy earthmoving equipment. We offer a complete range of services and access to specialised teams to keep your fleet on site and working productively.

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Who we are

Global innovators in enhanced maintenance capabilities

We are Australia's largest non-OEM maintenance and component rebuild service provider for heavy earthmoving equipment, and we are strategically located in all key mining locations throughout Australia.

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Major Off-Site Asset Rebuild Program

Under this program, we undertake to rebuild your asset in one of our purpose-built facilities then return it to you ready to put to work.

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New Build Attachment Fabrication

Get a custom-designed and fabricated attachment for your heavy earthmoving equipment at a lower cost than buying a new or OEM product. We can also rebuild and repair your existing attachments.

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Dedicated to sustainable practices

Environmental management and compliance are an important part of our business. We are committed to maintaining and developing systems that promote environmental sustainability.

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Cutting-edge pioneers

We are passionate and solution-focused professionals working with the latest innovative technologies to deliver value to our clients

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Our businesses


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Experts at maximising the performance of heavy earthmoving equipment

Maximise mine performance with the best heavy earthmoving equipment, backed by fleet management and mining technology.

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Mining and Equipment Solutions

Leaders in providing comprehensive underground and surface sector mining solutions.

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50 years of mining excellence

This year we have hit a big milestone as it has been 50 years since Emeco was founded back in 1972.

On this special day of our company anniversary, we want you to know that your support has been the biggest driver of our continued growth.

In recognition of this achievement, we have created a 50-year logo that will be used within the business this year.

Thank you for being our loyal customer throughout the years!